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I didn’t know what to expect as this was my first experience with physical therapy, but I can tell you I’m so pleased I chose Florida West Coast Physical Therapy.

You are valued and treated with respect, while at the same time, pushed to achieve impressive results. This is done in a friendly, caring atmosphere- it truly feels like you’re part of a family while you’re here for your PT sessions.

My physical therapist, Brett, did a great job of helping keep me motivated and challenged. I came in unable to even bend down to pick up a tennis ball from the court, without being in extreme pain, now I’m playing tennis virtually pain free!!

My sessions are now completed, but I left with the knowledge of how to move and exercise to keep myself free from pain.

If you are unfortunate enough to find you need physical therapy, please be fortunate enough to call Florida West Coast Physical Therapy and begin to get your life back!

Lumbar Strain

Dear Brett & Greg

Just a quick note of thanks for making Physical Therapy pleasurable and fun… even when I didn’t want to do it! I am doing very well and back to walking 5 days a week.

Smiles and encouragement truly do go a long way and kindness helps heal. Thank you for helping me.

Low Back Pain, Lower Extremity Weakness

Dear Mr. Miller,

How can we thank you? After 3 months in a hard neck collar during which you worked with him and strengthened his muscles- arms, shoulders, back and legs – he ws freed from the brace. Your continued work with him made his neck muscles stronger and stronger, and he never missed your recommended “at home” exercises. He believed in his physical therapy and in your approach, and now at the age of 81, he is back with his buddies playing doubles tennis, four months to the day after his spinal fusion (C3/4 and C4/5). How can we ever thank you for pushing him and making it such a pleasurable experience at the same time? He will continue to follow your program (I’m doing the exercises with him) and we look forward to fishing, playing tennis and enjoying life!

-J.L .for R.L.,
Cervical Spinal Fusion

I just completed five months of physical therapy following my rotator cuff surgery and I can truly say that I couldn’t be any happier with the care I received and the outcome. Greg patiently guided me through the process, explained what we were doing together and what I needed to do on my own at home. He was very knowledgeable and professional; I very much looked forward to our time together each week.

I am more than satisfied with the improvement in my shoulder function and would heartily recommend Florida West Coast Physical Therapy to anyone.

Rotator Cuff Repair

I have been treated in numerous physical therapy settings for spinal issues for nearly 20 years. From Orlando to Boston, to another office in Venice several years ago, and your office and staff far surpass all others combined. You are to be congratulated for forming such a winning team and ultimately many, many success stories.

spinal stenosis

I was diagnosed in January with Trochanteric Bursitis in my Left Hip and therapy was recommended. I started with Greg and Brett in February and after 6 weeks of PT I am now walking without a limp. I am able to walk 2 miles every other day with my 2 dogs without pain. Initially Greg noticed that my left leg was quite a bit shorter than my right so we worked on that right away. Now I am back to normal. Thank you everyone at Florida West Coast, you are amazing!

Hip Bursitis, Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction

I was greeted each and every morning by a cheery, smiling and very helpful Jennifer. During my sessions with Greg he patiently and skillfully guided me through the incremental steps that have strengthened my repaired shoulder. Greg is an excellent teacher, and his high degree of professionalism has given me confidence throughout my healing process. I have had excellent results; not only with my recovery but the entire experience at Florida West Coast Physical Therapy where I have received very personalized care and consideration.

Thank you, B.H.,
Rotator Cuff Repair

I am a customer who has a very interesting back ground and as a result have been to many many physical therapists. I would like to tell everyone how great you are in all areas of this profession. I am walking better and with more confidence than I have had in 20 years.

Lower Back Pain, Hip Pain, Difficulty Walking

Great personnel, great facility, great instructions, great results!

Thank you, D.V.,
Rotator Cuff Repair

Due to an arthritic ankle, I could only walk very short distances and I suffered from sciatica due to my uneven gait. Today, thanks to FWCPT, I have relearned to walk and my ankle is almost pain free. The sciatic pain is completely gone.

Ankle arthritis, treated with ASTYM

When I first came in with severe back pain, I wondered if I would ever get better. But after 10 therapy sessions, I’m almost as good as new and raring to go.

Severe Low Back Pain

Having some experience with rehab, I found FWCPT to be outstanding. I came in post knee surgery and in pain with limited mobility. I left walking normal with no pain. A great bunch of people, a great group of professionals, a great experience.

Total Knee Replacement Surgery

A five star physical therapy!!

Injury, surgery, disability. A good therapy group is where you want to be. Kind and friendly staff who want to please. In no time great recovery you’ll see. Don’t pass up this opportunity. In Venice, it’s Florida West Coast Physical Therapy.

Elaine Henry

Without exception all members of the staff were cordial, cooperative, and cheerful even when faced with a request to make a last minute change to a scheduled visit. Transactions were handled in a business like way and my questions were answered professionally and in such a way that I clearly understood what was expected. During 10 weeks of therapy each session started at the precise time scheduled. I do not know how that is possible.

Brett’s instructions during the therapy sessions were always easy to understand, issued in a professional manner and with just the right amount of challenge. He just seems to know when to ask for a little more effort and when to let up. I really appreciated that. I would certainly recommend Florida est Coast Physical Therapy to everyone.

Al Gurley